Clean and safe

The safety of our guests as well as our employees is our highest priority. In order to protect us in the best possible way from an infection with the coronavirus, the necessary personal distances and hygiene measures must be observed. In order to guarantee a faultless operation we have developed a protection concept. The concept contains the following points.
– At the entrance and in the breakfast area there are hand disinfectants
– Hygiene masks must be worn in all public areas. We provide masks for employees. Masks for guests against payment.
– The rules of distance are observed.
– The reception is additionally protected by a plexiglass pane.
– Sufficient material for protection is available (masks, gloves, disinfectant)
– The lobby, reception and breakfast room are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.
– Our breakfast buffet has safely packaged food and guests receive their own scoop cutlery.
– Plates, cutlery, glasses and all other crockery is machine-cleaned.
– Guests have the possibility to pick up their breakfast at the buffet and eat it in their room.
– Critical points such as coffee machine control panel, lift buttons, doors, toilets in the basement etc. are cleaned and treated with disinfectant several times a day
– The reception, lobby and all rooms are ventilated daily.
– The rooms are cleaned and ventilated before arrival. All objects that transmit viruses (handles, remote controls, light switches, etc) are disinfected.
– Guests can indicate that no cleaning of the room is desired during their stay.
– Bed linen, towels and linens will be washed according to local authority guidelines.
– Contactless check-in is recommended. Guests can check in online in advance. Cashless payment is possible.
– Computer keyboards are cleaned regularly.
– Our employees take lunch individually at different tables.

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